Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Want to find out what your income says about your life?

Check out the Upshot of Income at Marketplace.org.

Ronald Coase Dies

"I don't know... I've been wrong so often, I don't find it extraordinary at all" ~Ronald Coase

The extraordinary thinker and economist Ronald Coase died on September 2.

Here's a little snippet on Planet Money about the man. It is titled "The Nobel Laureate who figured out how to deal with annoying people."

His solution? Pay them to stop bugging you.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What message do you get from the below graphic published in today's New York Times?
Of course, a graph isn't a definitive study establishing cause and effect (or lack there of) but its interesting, isn't it? Check out the column by David Leonhardt that went with it. Thoughts from the macroeconomists out there?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Supply, Deman and Valentine's Day

Check out this study out of the University of Minnesota: "The perception that women are scarce leads men to become impulsive, save less, and increase borrowing."

"To test their theory that the sex ratio affects economic decisions, the researchers had participants read news articles that described their local population as having more men or more women. They were then asked to indicate how much money they would save each month from a paycheck, as well as how much they would borrow with credit cards for immediate expenditures. When led to believe women were scarce, the savings rates for men decreased by 42 percent. Men were also willing to borrow 84 percent more money each month."

Sex ratios also affect women's expectations, according to the study. When there's a scarcity of women, they expect men to spend more on dates, valentine's gifts and engagement rings. Apparently, the two-months-of-your-salary rule no longer applies when the sex ratio goes your way!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Strategic Thinking Class

Strategic Thinking
Game Theory

Great leaders understand and use strategic thinking. Most learn it on the job. Some study it and then apply it. The basis of most strategic thinking among successful leaders is an application of game theory.

This Winter Session (J-Term) you have the opportunity to learn how to see the whole at a glance. Several games will be used as the springboard for you to begin the art of thinking strategically.

The course will be taught by Charles Swayne, recognized for his application of game theory. He is a frequent speaker at the World Series of Poker Academy Camps, teaches poker online with Daniel Negreanu, is the creator of the N-SPAT (The Negreanu-Swayne Poker Aptitude Test), is an honorary member of the Global Strategic Poker Thinking Society, and his new book, Swayne’s Advanced Degree in Hold’em, is the most comprehensive book on the market for the serious poker player. He is currently working on a new book, Heads Up Poker, with champion Paul Wasicka. Swayne has combined his education and lessons of mathematics, statistics, total quality management, industrial engineering, operations research, entrepreneurship, finance, economics, investments, marketing, leadership, strategy and ethics, to help you to become a more global thinker.

Where and When: University of Wisconsin – La Crosse
Winter Session (J-Term)
Time and Days: 9am-2:10pm (bring your lunch), Monday-Thursday
11-14 Jan and 19-22 Jan 2010
Credits: 3
Course Details: REC 375; Workshop in Recreation Management
University Information: If you are not a UW-L student, contact UW-L Admissions at 608.785.8939
More Course Information: Contact Charles Swayne at swayne.char@uwlax.edu or 608.397.2783